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      About Us
      Suzhou Geante Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD. is specialized inproducing hydraulic pressure up-and-down platform, so far our enterprise has already have a history of more than twenty years.And through longtime research and exploitation of hydraulic pressure elevator we have accumulated abundant professional technology and experience to create high-quality
      Product Category
    • Moveable lifting working platform
    • Stationary lifting working platform
    • Hydraulic dock lever
    • Special lifting working platform
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      Scissor-type aerial working platform
      Scissor-type aerial ...
      Self-propelled aerial working platform
      Self-propelled aeria...
      The self-propelled aerial work platform
      The self-propelled a...
      Aluminum Alloy aerial working platform
      Aluminum Alloy aeria...
      Folding-arm aerial working platform
      Folding-arm aerial w...
      Cylinder aerial working platform
      Cylinder aerial work...
      Multi fork type
      Multi fork type
      Tel:0512-66706808、66706638、66702955 follow-up calls:512-66700161、65381879 Fax:0512-66709840
      E-mail:ylj@szgeante.com、lu@szgeante.com Add:58#Airport Road,Wangting Town,Suzhou City,Jiangsu Provice
      Copyright:Suzhou Geante Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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